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11:15 p.m. x 2010-07-24

currently listening to: "rid of me" by pj harvey

kara, her friend kai and i went to atomic warehouse! and i have money! so i was able to buy a stunning pair of items: a remington deluxe junior and a rotary phone! they are both slick and black and fully functioning. the owner of atomic warehouse showed me how to convert a rotary phone for home use. the remington is in pristine condition except it was missing one key that he replaced, so it looks all special and isolated. of course, it is my initial (k)! it's perfect! so now i'm flanked by typewriters. the phone has this spot on the front that looks tarnished or maybe there was once a seal there. i'm going to buy a cameo pendant or something and glue it there.

we walked to the midtown scholar, then, finally. they were open today and it was breathtaking. it is the largest used bookstore between new york and chicago and it is beyond description! i got carole maso's the room lit by roses and mary barnard's translation of sappho. the rest of my money now is for "metropolis."

i finished rebecca today - what a bitch slap! as far as i was familiar with the story, it was good but exactly what i expected until just about six or seven chapters from the end, and then it went crazy and i loved it. i would've preferred more scenes of maxim and his little anonymous alone at the end, as their relationship got so interesting but then really vanished from the story in favor of the suspense. since we were with the second mrs. de winter the whole time it would have been immensely satisfying to end with some firm idea of how she felt to be in that situation, but no. still it was wonderful.

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