to forget i have bad memory

2:21 a.m. x 2010-08-07

currently listening to: "stolen roses" by karen elson

when i write i glut the middle so seethingly no matter what i do to the beginning and end they feel like feeble, inadequate extremities flailing off either side of this MASS. but i really really have this where i want this. i have one single element to finesse. i have to do an oral edit. it will be ready. it is good! every time i bring it up i think of the little thing it always was, not very fit for anybody else to appreciate, not good at all, and now i look at it and it is something so different. it knows itself and what works and what doesn't and just sheds the excess. it is finely woven. it's taught me more than i can fathom.

there is only that one little detail. i will work that out in bed. i open tomorrow with a girl i adore. i love my job. oh my god i love my job. i learned how to feed reciept paper today. now i can tear off some and write when it's slow! i blocked out a whole new project today doing that!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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