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10:10 p.m. x 2010-09-09

currently listening to: "two ton boa" by two ton boa

i downloaded the two ton boa EP when i downloaded karen elson's album and am just now listening to it now that i - for the most part - have stopped going quite so nuts. i fucking love it. and it's sherry fraser! subject of one of my favorite songs! making extremely kickass music!

i sat on my couch all day finishing miss macintosh and swann's way and writing in my diary and watching "daria." my mom took me out for chai and i bought mushrooms and black beans to make for dinner. i ordered some books. i work with my BEST (work) FRIENDS tomorrow. i am back in fighting shape.

i was very, very depressed for a few days. it has enough to do with that dumb tangle but also where i am. i want to not be at home and not in this part of pennsylvania. i want to be able to get around.

and the decision to put off applying to grad school: i know the time working towards self-sufficiency will do me good I CANNOT REMAIN IN THIS SITUATION ALL THE WAY UNTIL THEN but i am upset i cannot just apply now. my one professor is out of the country. i want to accomplish something first. i certainly have all ready in terms of getting things finished. NEXT STEP, NOW. BRING ON THE NEXT STEP.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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