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3:14 a.m. x 2010-11-16

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my fiction's going to be somewhere and placed there by someone who is not me. in the spring, online, for you to read!!!!!!!!!

i am on my way to having a bio of some substance, although the bio-as-resume is a double edger. i like to read the bios of others and see where they've been published, if i like their work a great deal or i think it is enough like mine i might want to submit those places, too. my bio for this effort states i dwell on the banks of the mighty susquehanna. a friend from boston could not get over central pennsylvania's preoccupation with the river and would refer to it often as the MIGHTY SUSQUEHANNAAA.

i incurred such a huge cut at work up this strange part of my forearm there is simply no way i could not have noticed getting it. but i did not. i felt it sting when i did the dishes and looked and LO. IT'S A MOTHERFUCKER. HOW THE HELL. cute, cute. my job is brimming with things that could peel skin off but (i did not think anyway) scones cannot stand up and shank me.

if i can really get my hours shortened like D tried for me (then we went from being shortstaffed to it-is-me-and-my-supervisor-and-that-is-IT) i can not only really tie my apps up FAST but i can get lazy and READ. i miss reading. i've been working/writing/apping but not languidly devouring books at my usual speed. i'd like to get some big projects out of the way before grad school, like the remaining volumes i own of remembrance of things past (i have read swann's way). ulysees which i started at school and loved. the john hawkes ouevre. nabokov. dostoevsky. faulkner. i do make it a giant priority to keep abreast of my favorite female authors and so the boys inevitably get shunted. but they are the men who are important to me and i certainly want dostoevsky fresher in my mind than he is. it's been years since i read him. i wonder if dr. zhivago is up my alley, since pevear and volokhonsky did a translation of it. i should finish don quixote too. FUCK. welcome to not having majored in literature. moby dick. OH HEY THE ODYSSEY AND THE ILIAD. considering what the experience of reading is for me i really did not read those in school at all.

oh i am so happy. oh. oh oh. that acceptance letter was so nice. finally. finally!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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