i feel insane

10:20 p.m. x 2010-11-21

currently listening to: "i feel insane" by daisy chainsaw

OH WE WENT TO THE DINNER BECAUSE WE ARE NICE GIRLS (i do not believe in that sort of thing, that "nice girls" thing). but we did go and it was good. they were gentlemen, though they acted like kids it was inoffensive. i am disappointed with myself a little for snooting it up in some ways but ultimately it was not bad. the food was magnificent and i do want to tell them it was very nice. but that man! he is so scared of me! he barely looked at me! there are no tactful ways of handling something no one will come out and say! AHHH!!!

but oh how i forget or fail to appreciate how different the experience of sound is for me vs others - sound is VERY VERY SPACIAL to me and i react to it like i would something physically coming at me. i am a mess around things that make constant sound. like video games. there was a video game on THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS THERE. this is inoffensive because they did not know but it makes it tremendously difficult for me to interact.

but oh, oh, we do have some things in common and certainly compared to his brother and the girl he is very nice - but i don't know - HE'S ABD I HAD NO IDEA.

i have such a giant ridiculous week ahead of me. work! clare! work! thanksgiving! black friday! inventory! sheeee-eesh.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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