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11:32 p.m. x 2010-11-30

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seth (his name is seth) and i had not only the date on wednesday but a date on sunday, too! and we have one later this week! and we are utterly totally smitten with each other. i am so taken. he is astounding. he is BRILLIANT and gentlemanly and lovely and assertive and fascinated and sweet and fun and we have SO MUCH IN COMMON IT'S ABSURD. AND BEAUTIFUL. he took me to the bookstore where lexi works (she was not there; he knows the owner! madness!) and bought me a mess of gorgeous books - the collected volume of his favorite poet richard wilbur and the master and margarita among them. i bought him archy and mehitabel which he read and loved! it was heaven. we have so much to talk about. we are so able to talk to each other. on our first date we went to a coffee shop and just talked and it was absolutely lovely. i knew within the first hour i wanted to know him better. the next day we made the date for sunday. after the bookstore and dinner (which he made) we kissed! it was the greatest few hours and i am a-throb for the end of the week. we are watching "twin peaks." i am missing him urgently. we talked for two hours tonight. we are all I LIKE YOU SOOOOO MUCH. it is so wonderous! we text often! he is so positive and supportive and so so stunning! i never want to leave his side, and he never wants to leave mine! the pull is so fabulously mutual! and he can't wait to read my work! i am so mad for him. i can't believe it! the beginning was so ridiculous! he had NO IDEA about the dinner beyond the fact that he figured it was to prod him, but he didn't want to put me off. he didn't want to bother me at work. so he was stuck, but he was trying, and i am so happy i said it was all right that he was trying. it was all perfect. and then he was charming and assertive once he knew i wasn't alarmed.

he has me so firmly. it is thrilling! i can't wait to be with him again!

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