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6:41 p.m. x 2010-12-01

currently listening to: "equus" by blonde redhead

smitten. into oblivion.

i am having one of those days where i am starving but my body is rejecting everything. so i am drinking green tea and feeling almost good enough to finish dinner. but feeling really amazing. ken emailed me to congratulate me about seth! yes!!! seth and i emailed this morning. he is stuck at a computer at work and cannot txt or call but we can email and every one from him is amazing. he makes me feel amazing! i am meanwhile making headway on my portfolio for the next two schools. i have i think EXACTLY what i want in it and am now smoothing it out. i am getting everything onto a flashdrive, too, so seth can have my collected works.

this is the best feeling.


i am so ecstatic. it is so mutual.

everything is better than it was. i watched "the big lebowski" this afternoon and SCREAMED. i've seen that movie so many times but everything is so much greater.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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