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9:59 p.m. x 2010-12-16

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tomorrow i will no longer be destitute and i will be with seth! AHA! i had to unload my penny jar to get food today. i had exactly ten dollars, then my mom bought me coffee. i still have five so i'm going to try and get something tomorrow for work. i am making a resolution now to only spend money on groceries (i do this mostly anyway but i know i buy too many books) or things for others. i know what i am getting seth for xmas! nothing big, but i also want to make him something. i drew him a cartoon of the two of us and he absolutely absolutely loved it. at first he didn't respond to it when i handed him the cd, then after we were hanging out and i went to use the bathroom and came back he was clutching it and in a frenzy and said, i didn't know you could draw! i thought you cut this out of a magazine! and made me adore him more. so i should draw him something. or write him something. i should get some gesso and start painting again. what would i paint, though? if it is for someone i feel weird painting them (except when i painted gretchen for gretchen because the source photo wherein she was smoking three cigarettes was too wonderful). there is a part of my novella about that. the character with whom he is wrestling about this debacle requests a self-portrait, then, but unless it is specifically requested that's far stranger. i think i'll make a tiny comic strip about our meeting, or an imaginary date we've never been on. something that will mean a lot. i love doing that, and he loves it!!!

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