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12:11 a.m. x 2010-12-28

currently listening to: "july flame" by laura veirs

XMAS WAS THE GREATEST EVER. seth picked me up at work xmas eve and he, his brother jon and his fiancee teresa and i went out to dinner at a thai restaurant then we watched one of the xmas MST3Ks. seth got me the riot grrrl documentary "don't need you" (the fact that that's a mutual passion sends me clear over jupiter) and "down by law," which is his favorite film, as well as a new mix cd and a giant gift card! so i can get groceries! i got him "secretary" and "shadows and fog" (it had JUST ARRIVED FROM NETFLIX and he hadn't watched it yet - he'd never seen it and has been working through woody allen's ouevre! just in time!) and story of the eye, plus gift cards to the midtown scholar and neato burrito. his parents got me a scarf and body wash, and jon and teresa got me gloves, all of which i need. seth and i wove in and out of consciousness all day. i caught enough of "bad santa" to lose it over thurman merman. i was going mad with lust while he was watching "dr who" and as soon as the xmas special was over we went up and canoodled clear into sunday evening. he is so ineffably amazing. he sends me glowing affectionate sexy emails and txts all the time! i can really solidly feel we have the same quantity and quality of affection for each other! and it is TREMENDOUS!

when i got home sunday night i got to unwrap all my presents at home. i got an unfathomable amount of movies. in the way of books i got decreation by anne carson, mine-haha by wedekind, victorine by maude hutchins, asylum piece by anna kavan, the invention of morel by adolfo bioy casares, berg by ann quin, where i'm calling from by raymond carver, the swimming-pool library by alan hollinghurst, the collected yeats, and - finally - miss macintosh vol II. and a new coat. i needed that badly.

for new years eve, i'm going to make dinner for seth (potato tacos!) and we're going to watch "the great dictator" - he's never seen it! he had it on his netflix queue before it went OOP. i work the next day (ugh) but not sunday, so we'll get plenty of time together. i have an overnight shift tomorrow (no cafe! book-work!) but then i have off a few days and can finish that drawing! i didn't have time before xmas. seth is still excited about it. AHHH I AM A SWOON-MACHINE!

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