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11:45 a.m. x 2011-01-12

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1. i'm out of dland archival options! i'm going to re-sort the archives pages by year. and get a new layout up. make this thing lively.

2. i went to williamsport yesterday with GRETCHEN!!! she, emily, scott and i watched with alyssa, the new friend i made last visit, "the king of kong," and everyone was screaming at the screen. i did not get very drunk at all, which was a relief since my health is so delicate.

3. on my way to work. i hope it goes okay. i am applying up a storm comperable to the one outside (SNOW EVERYWHERE) and i am ardently on a fucking mission to get an office job. a real job that will enable me to get an apartment. it's on. now. GO.

4. last schools this friday. three. one application is completely finished. one just needs the statement of purpose uploaded. the last needs everything done in one sitting, but that's fine, since i have friday to do nothing but that before seth picks me up and we have A FUCKING INCREDIBLE TIME CELEBRATING MY APPLICATIONS ALL BEING DONE. done for now unless i get accepted nowhere - in which case i'll try again next year. i'll try til i hit something. i'll become a better applicant in the meantime. he is so supportive, and he got me an awesome gift! i can't wait!!!

5. gretchen and i had lunch with fiction professor and it was so good. he really believes in me. he thinks i am on track and doing fine. he thinks i am an amazing fit for the places to which i applied. he wants me to use him as a job reference! i am so fucking lucky! ohhhh i can't wait i can't wait for this weekend! to spend a beautiful celebratory relaxing time with my miraculous boyfriend! and to hear back from schools in march! to know what i'm doing and where i'm going! to have a real job! this year it is fucking HAPPENING.

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