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11:46 p.m. x 2011-02-03

currently listening to: "oh" by sleater-kinney

i didn't get the job i made reference to in the last entry, however that placement agency found another opportunity for me twenty minutes later and I GOT THAT. making a few dollars more than i did at borders (still excellent), NO NIGHTS AND NO WEEKENDS AND IT IS ACROSS FROM MY GYM I CAN RETURN TO WORKING OUT REGULARLY AT LONG LAST!!! it's temporary, until july, which is when i'd have to leave to go to grad school should i get in anywhere! meanwhile, i had that other interview too, and that is for a very cool position i would love to have. that one would be an adult commitment and i'd be making a living wage. it's in an area i'm very familiar with, full of apartments, accessable to lots (a grocery store, and still not far from the gym! SO EXCITING). NO MATTER WHAT MY NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS BELONG TO ME! and D took me off the schedule despite my two weeks notice (he knew i wanted to fly out of there) so my last shift is saturday morning!

thank you, borders, for enabling me to start paying my loans back and for introducing me to my boyfriend. i made a lot of incredible friends there, too. i also found out recently that jon and teresa met in the cafe. spooky!

i finally get to see seth tomorrow. i've been running a fever but it's broken now, and i need convalescent cuddling.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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