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10:36 p.m. x 2011-02-09

currently listening to: "suicide is painless" by johnny mandel & mike altman

quickly, because i need SLEEP:

the new job is surreal, but i've made an awesome friend: nicole. we break together and we're doing coffee every wednesday. she's a badass. the job is easy but training's a circus because some of the temps don't understand any direction no matter how it's given, the fascilities are not ready for how many of us there are, and the system isn't ready for our logins, so we're working in pairs on half the computers and all under the supervisor's login info. harrowing! but it's only getting better and better. but i've been sicker in the past week than i've EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE WHAT. chest cold/food poisoning/real cold. and i should've gotten my period, so it shoved that back but i've been having the same hormonal tsunami, so i've cried every day but today (since it was coffee day, and nicole and i had a BLAST). seth persists in being INCREDIBLE. he took me out last weekend to congratulate me and celebrate my new job - we went to a very expensive and amazing indian restaurant! so now that i can breathe and i'm not washing any dishes or mopping any floors or burning or cutting myself or collapsing from exhaustion I AM REALLY FEELING HOW AWESOME THIS ALL IS. NO MORE WORK ON WEEKENDS!!!!!! this weekend seth's parents are gone, then two weeks later we're going to meet his parents, jon and teresa outside philadelphia for an annual teresa's birthday dinner in a very swank italian restaurant, then in march we're visiting one of his best friends in maryland and going to WONDERBOOK!!! AHHH I'M SO EXCITED! we also went to the midtown scholar over the weekend and i got a compendium of several novels by muriel spark. i can't wait to make a dent in my reading again.

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