what is this downside that you speak of?

10:40 p.m. x 2011-03-06

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business plan is off the ground! kara and i are starting a small press! much is to be done before it all goes up, but we're beginning soon. i am looking for jobs. there is no searing urgency yet. this one is still for a little while longer. seth is miraculous and gorgeous and this weekend we watched the first two seasons of "it's always sunny" which he has never seen! he made pesto-pasta and we cuddled manically. we did our saturday burritos-and-coffee thing and watched more guy maddin. next week we are making crepes and watching "dogtooth" - !!!!!!! my relationship is magnificent, and i am so grateful - it's weird how it's intense all of the sudden, working instead of going to school, and it wasn't right after i graduated. having minimal cash and a part-time job felt much more the speed at which i have been moving, and almost all the other people there were bright, fun, articulate and interesting. and now i have a sit-down office job populated by dreary, absurd people who for the most part are significantly less educated than me. and that is getting me a little down. our training's been extended (the temp pool, that is - our job description's essentially changed completely) and that is utter nonsense - this coming week i would've been put out in my own cubicle, able to work away all on my own, busy and unbothered, and now i don't know long i'll be stuck in that training room. i would like to articulate these frustrations to the placement agency once i'm done there. it isn't even vaguely hard work, but because i'm just one of a nebulous pool i can't be accelerated properly even after having been cited as the most qualified/advanced. that is frustrating. and that is so much of my time because i'm still not used to this schedule. but i will be and this will get easier. i have so much miraculous support. and soooo sooooooon i'll have a computer again!

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