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8:41 p.m. x 2011-04-14

currently listening to: "i love how you love me" by neutral milk hotel

1. i'm tweaking! i've been shaking since three! can't stop!

2. i sent a submission to one of my very very favorite presses. i hope they like it.

3. ny itinerary: seth and i. macaroons and coffee at macaron cafe, walk to the strand. check in at hotel. maybe - what, what. shakespeare & co? go look at the new school? did they let me in or what? or why won't they reject me all ready? it's april. the middle of april. anyway. OH TENEMENT MUSEUM. MoMA for dinner. endless walk of art and love. sleep and sex. macaron cafe again. something else, probably another bookstore.

4. everybody in the bridal party knows when amanda's bachelorette party is happening. i'm sending her invites up her way tomorrow. i'm ordering my shoes. then all that's left to happen is the party and the wedding. for her shower i'm getting her something in new york and that something is probably macaroons.

5. my dad bought a white crown victoria with dark blue interior and put his gilded lycoming seal-thing on the door and it compliments is perfectly. it is a swank vehicle. i really like it. does not make me wish i could drive, though. so i do not think anything will.

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