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8:14 p.m. x 2011-04-28

currently listening to: "i was made for you" by she & him

the algonquin hotel with seth for my birthday! SO SOON. the moma, folk art museum, tenement museum, strand, blue stocking, walking, macarons, not working.

i have $1000, which i've never had before. because i've been pretty good. not even as good as i could be. for instance, after listening to my phone tell me i had $1000, i yielded to an invitation to poetry magazine for a $20-annual subscription and bought myself a book. but i still have $900-something, and next week I GET A RAISE. i've never made a two-digit wage before.

let me say: it is completely amazing still to me unendingly more than ever that i get to go home from making money and do whatever i want. no schoolwork. everything i write and pour my energy into, it is because that's where i want to pour it. speaking of which, i am endeavoring to join an organization and take one small step towards philanthropy. i may be employed into next year by the company for whom i'm presently contracting because they're starting up another project and that looks more difficult than this one (which is not difficult at all). i was encouraged by my supervisor today to speak with my representative at the temp agency about it. that's nice to know - even though i would prefer so much to have a real, good job - that i have that in case. if they do that. that agency...geez, i am not into the temp agency approach.

i have SIX THINGS SUBMITTED different places. one thing is reasonably outstanding, i must have sent it in february or thereabouts. the other thing i sent in march or maybe the beginning of the month. the other things i sent this past week. i'm freaking out.

thursday evening, friday, saturday and sunday i get to celebrate with seth. monday i am taking off to relax and clean my office. the following weekend i am allegedly going to the beach with amanda and the other members of the bridal party, thursday through monday. so tomorrow ends the last full week before i have a lot of fun. i'm not sure about that beach thing, though. nobody drives!

i know where i'm applying for school in the fall. i've got to get in gear. after amanda's wedding i'm going into grad school overdrive: the sequel. one of my do-overs closed their program. so now i know i'm applying to three places: one full residency and two low-residencies. i'm going to get into one of them. no sass.

i wish i could stay up all night applying to jobs instead of sleeping. refining this current project. tiny prose poems. i am halfway done with drafting it. they only need tiny tugs to come together as a whole seamlessly knit little bundle of badass.

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