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10:39 p.m. x 2011-08-28

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it's been a windfall.

i'm now on the masthead for two small presses (neither in the state where i reside, one is not in the country) AND i was OFFERED the chance to write an article for the magazine whose site i do content for AND my favorite living writer added a link to one of my sites on her website AND i was selected from over 100 applicants to interview for a position at a local press. even if i don't get the position it was for, i really think the editor wants to work with me. the interview was staggering. and i am going to a giant reading-festival and the program came out and every living writer whose work i LOVE is going to be there. almost literally. i can't believe it. this pretty much went one after another. i'm grateful. OH MY GOD all this and i totally had radical badass amnesia about the interview i have on wednesday. yes. check that out. for an overwhelming well-paying job. and that job i REALLY REALLY REALLY want for which i had an excellent interview for a few weeks ago - after sending in my resume months ago, so they can take all the time they need as long as they say YES - the editor at the press that i interviewed with on saturday who could pay me such that i could KEEP EVERYTHING I MAKE AT MY FULL TIME JOB and use only the press income to pay my loans every month (more than i all ready am to condense the amount of time i remain in debt!) he WORKS AT THIS OTHER PLACE. WHERE I REALLY WANT TO BE HIRED. AND I THINK MAYBE HE MIGHT SAY SOMETHING FOR ME. IN MY GLORIOUS FAVOR. HE WROTE SOME STUFF DOWN WHEN WE GOT TO THAT WILDLY SERENDIPITOUS PART. oh my god.

i am proud of myself. i have done so much. i graduated last year. i wrote a short novel, a poetry manuscript, seven solid short stories, assorted criticisms/reviews/articles, remained constantly employed and never stopped looking to advance my career. i have communicated with and am going to meet some of my very very favorite living writers. i can't wait. i am staggered. this is amazing.

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