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7:48 p.m. x 2011-09-15

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mad tale.

1. i went all the way to my new job very very early earlier in the week to find they never did my background check and couldn't bring me on this month. after a day or so of simmering down, i called, made sure they did see i was going on vacation next month. they did. i am now on vacation, essentially, til november. which is kind of amazing. it would be completely amazing if i didn't need money to go on vacation with, but still. i'm covered. i can do it. i'm excited.

2. the review that was under consideration from the major publication came back to me with editorial requests but still no NO. they said take your time, there is no rush. but it will be what they need. it will be. it will be. what an opportunity. and more importantly - THE BEST PART was reading the book it is for in the first place. it's an AMAZING book by an amazing author. i'm so ridiculously ridiculously honored.

3. a friend of mine - it is maybe inappropriate to say friend but maybe business connection? that seems cold - forwarded me news she had about a local publication seeking a department editor. she asked for my resume to slide along. i hope she does. OH MY GOD.

4. "it's always sunny in philadelphia" resumes tonight YESSSS.

5. i have thought a lot lately about what success is to me. what do others have that i want, what do i aspire to, what do i see as a legitimate step, what is impressive, what has value, where to put my energy. i was recently asked about a five year plan. i think it is good in a way to see how i lack one, how i'm really open to the next five years being full of come-what-may-ity.

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