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9:02 p.m. x 2011-11-15

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i got into one of my most extreme goal publications! it's coming out next year. the latest issue just came out which means i am one of the first if not the first acceptance they've sent out. they accept less than 1% of what is submitted to them. the editors said my story demanded their attention. i am so over the moon!!!!!!!! and it's a print journal. really fancy. that is just so cool. i'm so ecstatic!

that was a really good push. i'm caught up on my editing. i really like my new job. i had an interview for an amazing higher-up position. my stomach is in knots about it. it is such an incredible opportunity and i hope - uuggh i hope!!! it happened so fast, getting the interview, and now i'm just waiting. please, please. my new work buddy chelsea and i are meeting with a potential roommate who works for a publisher in town, meaning in all likelihood she works with the publisher that has declined me for two positions, which makes me extra aagghhh.

i am doing good, though. i wrote an incredible six-page op-ed to myself this morning before lunch. it made me really happy, since i feel sluggish, not quite having the hang of how to commit corporate mischief at this place yet.

chelsea just graduated from the same college clare graduated from (and they were friends, and we work together now, and it is so excellent) and she is brilliant and energetic and she got this job right after a blistering summer working a really great albeit retail job, so as soon as she needed it, this job with its great pay and great opportunities/location happened, although it is not in her field of study and she is feeling intensely behind. which i know and you know is silly. i have her half-convinced now that we are in luxurious positions. we can look for good jobs, stress-free.

i know i will do what i want. i know i will.

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