9:34 p.m. x 2002-10-27

dunn dunn dunnnn...


k@ri your hostess

alex priceless, brilliant, wonderful. she drives me to school every morning! i adore her with every once of my being!
alexander it was german and it made me really angry.
allegra human sunshine. she's a wonder drug.
allison friend i met in half-college pre-pre-algebra, hehe. i called her allison portchnik before i formally met her because she looks like carol kane in "annie hall" but lo and behold, her name is allison! holy shit! and she's a sweetheart. she dated a young man with a prediliction for child pornography, but managed to rise above this.
aliya lost to the mountain time zone. i bought her "adore". AN IMMEASURABLY FANTASTIC WRITER.
amanda b. we bought our friend tiffany disgusting things for her birthday.
amanda d. she is a spitfire! she has dated clare and duff and i have downright illicit pictures of her exiting a pool.
amber w the vastly lustful young lady i share my trials and tribulations of romance with. she actually graduated with me, unlike 97% of my other associates.
andrea underclassman valedictorian and makes chronic "your mom" jokes. i adore her.
andy tweak's boyfriend. the male tweak, which makes him impossibly cool and bright. does amazing things with scarves.
ashley i miss riding the bus with her. her brother's a trip.

becky i had basic foods with her. she despised shannon worse than i did.
ben the living, breathing, acting illustration next to the encyclopedia's entry for "dandy".
bethany "here comes the abuse" - bethany and i have a special relationship (the kind that is written about in psych textbooks).
brandi adorable. irreverant. i need to hang out with her more.
brett his locker is purgatory. he tried to eat my art projet.
bridget remarkable dancer. she was the fiddler in "fiddler on the roof".
brittany nada.

catie hard to keep up with, but so much fun. a brilliant light of a person, tatu-fiend.
chris he was in my photo class. he concerns me. luurrrrrgh.
clare BEST FRIEND. clare rules. one of the best conversationalists i know. there's a rumor going around that she might be colin farrell (in disguise).

dan likes to say me gusto comer gatos muertos. dates shannon (??!!!)
danielle tall, greek, and awesome. grew close to her in a torrent of hoey drama - she's the light at the end of the tunnel.
duff excellent listener, empathizer, ex-boyfriend, manages to find himself amidst more drama than the whole of myspace can withstand!

ernie jimmy's BFF and ex-coworker, guitar apprentice and aspiring screenwriter. ernie rocks the viser-hair like nobody's business. YOU HAVE BEEN VANQUISHED.

gimpy an old friend. a questionable individual.

heather she is devastatingly cool, but overburdened. unfair homelife. unfair cousin.

jason i miss jason a lot. he looked bird-esque and possessed a white boy 'fro. for this - we appreciate him.
jaypea sweet kid who drove me to school in 10th grade.
jimmy BEST FRIEND/LOVER. so freakin cool! synth bitch! tech geek! coolest room EVER! JIMMY - TRANSFORM!
john-paul bohemian asian awesomeness from half-college.
jonpaul goth kid, first acquaintance from half-college, attentive listener.
jordan "keep your rosaries off my ovaries" - the voice of reason in a world full of bethany.
josh josh has hair everywhere but on his head. old beyond his years. watches a lot of improv skits. yeah, that's josh.
julia shawn's friend, half-college acquaintance. very cool.

kara she's a model who speaks fluent spanish. DUH you want to be her. the best body in the history of man kind. she's the joy in my electric.
katy another unbelievably attractive girl. insanely so. and she's a catholic schoolgirl, which is just crazy. crazy! her exotic german mom thinks i'm sexy. that's so cool.
ken british, film-enthusiast, thoughtful pepper, expert conversationalist. sweetheart! gem. special agent. many other such benevolent adjectives.
kenzie master debater, alluring redhead...ultimate gangsta?
kiri tweak's step-sister. running on endless batteries.
manda it's just me here/fetal postition/make up your mind/make a decision - best friend for eight years.
mandy endured art with me in high school and has lunch with me every other morning at half-college, embroiled in more drama than even i and far more wrathful. for this, i adore her.
marissa she was also victimized by shannon's presence. are you scared of shannon yet?

paul paul is a male, dutch/indonesian brigitte bardot. exactly.

rachel nada.
ryan (early entries) rachel's ex-boyfriend
ryan (later entries) handsome, funny, talented thespian. related to kara. i adore him.

sam she got very cool very fast. i won't question it, i'll just enjoy it. she encouraged me to keep going with my bass playing, and i'm indebted to her for that.
sara oldest, most treasured friend. i love her deeply, and she's a priceless conversationalist (BBC1! BBC2!...).
shannon oh here we go. what you need to know about shannon is that she has an anxiety problem, screams and rants a ton, would like to be a model but is scared of cameras. hopefully she is the kind of person you only happen upon once in a lifetime.
shawn my friend at half-college. he takes me to diners. he was homeschooled. he sings me "bike".
snicky she was awesome, and then she went to college. I'LL NEVER FORGIVE HER! <3 so awesome. looks exactly like manda.

tiffany (early entries) we shared many great, angry conversations during careers class. priceless girl.
tiffany (later entries) engaged, incredibly cool and easy to get along with. props, g.
tweak I LOVE TWEAK. TWEAK IS THE BEST. smartest, sweetest, craziest person. you can't do much better than tweak.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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