50 things of some questionable importance

1103340044 x 2002-11-06

je t'aime?...moi non plus.

İİİ my name's kari, like vroom-vroom and a long "eeee".

İİİ i like to read biographies, explicit fiction, and manga.

İİİ i follow a strict code of morals that nobody knows about. it's a small and important list. outside of this, though, i'm as hellish as most other people tend to get. it's important to know i have standards, though.

İİİ i love arizona green tea and how generates the same warm feeling as being physically intimate with someone (it, err, does for me).

İİİ there are issues pertaining to aggression, i guess. i'm in such a good mood 75% of the time, nobody can complain about this. or i'll light them aflame. motherfuckers.

İİİ i have annexed the most ridiculous compendium of useless knowledge ever. i obsess over things for inordinate and endless-seeming spans of time and retain everything i walk away with. subjects run the gamut: sailor moon, the beatles, the kennedys, david lynch, some bits of psychology, courtney love.

İİİ i like abrasive things. i'm not a really abrasive person, so it takes my edge off

İİİ "mulholland drive", "sailor moon", and "eyes wide shut" will make me happy no matter what. i love them so much.

İİİ i will let anyone speak at length about where they stand on sociocultural issues. the more expertly ranting the better because then they are less likely to ask my opinion (odds are i will have run away before they reach this point).

İİİ i'm unnerved by environmental activists. really, really unnerved.

İİİ i live in a village. my mailing address is a borough. you'd have to drive for slightly under an hour from where i live to reach what is actually considered an honest-to-yesu town.

İİİ i enjoy music by artists such as the autumns, air, my life with the thrill kill kult, the smiths, hole, the dresden dolls, angelo badalamenti, bauhaus, queen adreena, acid bath, scarling., my bloody valentine, imogen heap, and the beatles.

İİİ david lynch and stanley kubrick are my first filmic true loves. i have that geeky tendency of being really into directors.

İİİ i have low self-esteem in regards to self-sufficiency, but i have a positive opinion of myself.

İİİ i can't sleep. if i do, i sleep for at least twelve hours. when i'm gone, i'm gone, but if not, i'm staying.

İİİ my favorite poems are "a fine childhood" and "little aster" by gottfried benn. i also enjoy anne sexton, sylvia plath, e.e. cummings, emily dickinson, and dorothy parker. i really hate poetry.

İİİ if i wear pants, i feel like i'm in drag. that's not why i don't wear them, though. i just hate them all on their own, as a unique, genderless entity. i avoid them.


İİİ my body evades r.e.m. sleep (i don't dream).

İİİ i was once subjected to a series of tests similar to those depicted in "the exorcist" (not the exorcism, however).

İİİ i never wanted to go to art school but i always planned on it. all the way up until a meeting i had with a major east coast art institute. i realized very explicitly during this meeting that i wanted nothing to do with art after high school except for personal projects. this essentially negates my high school career, as i've done little else except art.

İİİ i failed photography.

İİİ i have the slowest burn-out rate a person could possibly possess. no amount of people ranting about their problems can deter me. bring it on.

İİİ every year in high school, the guidance office asked me what i wanted to be and they'd write it down. i've wanted to be a singer/lyricist, a writer, a psychologist and a director, in that order.

İİİ i feigned panic remarkably until i went into cataleptic shock one day over actually having to think about WHY i can stir myself into a panic so well. after that i haven't been able to fake strong emotions and am (allegedly) a lot more mellow. i think that's good that i found a breaking point (and skipped government).

İİİ my favorite songs of all time are "yellow submarine", "bicycle built for two" and "good day".

İİİ i love heart-shaped jewelry.

İİİ my computer is ten years old. it and i have been through a lot. i kept very good track of almost everything i've ever done creatively on it until computer guru man deleted my drive (i had my own, once). i'm so embittered by this. i can't stand people touching my things without my permission.

İİİ i rank in the top 5% of my peers in my verbal and writing skills.

İİİ my first books were girl, interrupted, geek love and a clockwork orange.

İİİ my first cds were "the serpentine gallery" by switchblade symphony, "race of 1000 camels" by boa, "mystery of the whisper" by the crüxshadows and "in the russet gold of this vein hour" by the autumns.

İİİ my first movie was "the omen".

İİİ my first serious, epic relationship was with a boy i referred to upon first meeting as "bitch". we became best friends after that. he and i are very, very close. we lost our mutual virginities to one another (if you want to get technical) on my mother's fiftieth birthday.

İİİ i'm on a mad search for a criterion collection white-ring copy of pasolini's SALO.

İİİ i have a nine inch torso. my upper body is pretty short.

İİİ i write. all the time. and when i can't think of something interesting, i make lists of things i either own or want. i'm a compulsive list-maker and survey-taker.

İİİ i get all knowledge of current events from pervscan - the only worthwhile news source.

İİİ one of my most favorite pieces of music ever is "masked ball" by jocelyn pook - it's a romanian orthodox-xian chant looped backwards over an organ. it's in the 'orgy' scene in "eyes wide shut" (well, that was a jovial fact).

İİİ the only magazines i read anymore are "bitch" and "bust"

İİİ my favorite teacher ever was a student teacher. he and i not only got along really well but i remembered everything he said. he had the name of a serial killer, and he knew it.

İİİ i like film a great deal. the technical aspects and the theoretical aspects.

İİİ i'm part of the 4% of the population with my meyers-briggs type (INFP).

İİİ i own twelve "complete idiot's" guides (astrology, palmistry, reincarnation, wicca, psychology, numerology, tarot, ghosts, being psychic, classical mythology, urban legends, and interpreting dreams - what a cute kid i was).

İİİ my favorite writers are (among others) ira levin, nabokov, supervert, j. eric miller, and dennis cooper - anything that is FEARLESS (and nothing you'd want to read)!

İİİ i hate to come across as tactless and stupid. hate it hate it hate it. avoid it like hell.

İİİ i used to go to a hospital in philadelphia for neurological evaluations. they were a blast.

İİİ i've never been stung by a bee or broken a bone.

İİİ i think rod serling's voice is the coolest thing on the planet. mmmmm.

İİİ vienna actionism is love.

İİİ i wouldn't mind winning the nobel prize for literature.

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not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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