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3:03 pm x Thursday, Nov. 21, 2002

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description: somewhat short. somewhat curvey. somewhat blonde. extremely confused at all costs.

strengths: complicating an exceptionally nice existence on an exceedingly regular basis (and keeping myself entertained in the process).

weaknesses: soaring, pretty female vocals. interesting voices in general. expensive couture. john lennon. my ultimate downfall is my own obliviousness and failure to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation at hand. i also run into my wind chime a lot, and it gives me a headache.

special skills: singing. writing. drawing. entertaining. making light of the eviller aspects of existence. html. tracking down interesting things to keep others entertained. sleeping during class without anyone acknowledging that i've left the planet.

weapons: i can sing "yellow submarine" until your vital organs slowly give up functioning and your eyes bleed. don't make me use this power.

allies: jimmy. clare. alex. kara. et al. <3

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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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