8:55 p.m. x 2002-10-12

oh sweet jesus how un-me...nu-metal. that's pitiful, myss k@ri, just pitiful.

the bruises of my verbal assault are wearing off. one big huge misunderstanding between two very stubborn taurus women is NOT a pretty sight espcially when assisted by a very pissed-off capricorn.

and THAT was my day on saturday.

i hope jaypea if feeling good...i helped britty boo download some stuff last night, hope she likes it...*ugh* my insides are folding inward and dissolving.



i seem to be experiencing a certain level of schizophrenia this week. i keep hearing the phone ring and i keep hearing IMs popping up but alas - nobody's called me and nobody's IMed. i forget when my next appointment is...i miss my therapist T__T. our sessions aren't long enough. an hour every other week. i'd be a lot more comfortable going every week. i feel like i can't handle me anymore.

god i'm confused.

go away now - away from my confusion...go read the interview with a vamp on my ruin's site...

it's cool. jessicka kicks ass.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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