11:47 p.m. x 2012-02-15

currently listening to: "king volcano" by bauhaus

NOT the one i interviewed for as mentioned in the previous post. BUT one in many ways that is INFINITELY BETTER.

OH MY GOD i can't believe it. it's so beautiful.

it is the intersection of everything i love about office management and writing and the job itself is for a nonprofit that i LOVE. it's insane! it's the perfect job!!!

so i'm going to hug it hard and stay forever. now i cannot get away from this current gig fast enough: i was threatened with firing today, two days after submitting my two weeks. this job is garbage. i don't need it. i got a better one.

i can't believe this is this universe, that i can feel those feelings. i am so fucking lucky and i can't wait. i am willing to go to the ends of the earth and all other cliches and expressions of boundless hyperbole to see that the office runs LIKE A DREAM.

i've got to start getting up at five a.m. every day or else. ohhhhhhhh.

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