sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start

1:37 a.m. x 2012-01-19

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i never did write about xmas.

i moved! my apartment is beautiful. i can't believe it. my roommate has the job i want, which is funny and harrowing. she gave my cv to her boss. he gave it to his boss/the president of the company!

i have decided to disregard my six-month rule and have inaugurated a campaign of massive job applications within the last week. i also finished a bunch of writing projects due for other people and am half finished putting my clothes away. books and movies were shelved within two days of moving in, but i really wish the clothes would crawl their way onto hangers. i don't have a dresser here. too many bookshelves.

seth and i found a coffee shop downtown that sells records and over the weekend i got beirut's "zapotec" - !!! - and a ridiculous espresso. i'm still happy about it. i have been making dishes with kale and rice cakes in my kitchen. the kitchen is HUGE! i need to stop eating peanut butter and jelly because my body has once again caught onto the ruse: that shit isn't food.

i had a dream i was internet-talking to this publisher i saw speak in california. i thought she was awesome and she's working with a friend of mine. the next morning she'd friended me and fb had automatically assumed we were coworkers. i told her about this and said if she ever needed an editorial assistant i'd love to do it. she thought that was an excellent idea and is considering it! what! gifts from the universe!

my bed is huge. it's a queen. my mother moved out of the house - where i no longer live! - for a while a few years ago, after i went away to college, and she got this bed. it's beautiful. we couldn't get the boxspring up the stairs so it's just a mattress on the floor and it is perfect. so many blankets.

about xmas: seth received two copies of "snuffbox" and i took one. he got me the three colors trilogy. i got him a MILK STEAMER. i'd planned on it since last xmas. i could finally afford it. he also got a french press. i am quite envious. he deserves this and all things - i am so crazy with elation that he and i have been together for over a year now!

my roommate writes about fantasy and medieval stuff. WHAT IS THIS REALITY.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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