11:41 p.m. x 2012-01-22

currently listening to: "paper planes" by m.i.a. (ohhhhhh)

ahhh! i have an interview tomorrow!

not with my roommate's employer. a private company in town needs an editor for their catalogs, someone to proofread and write copy for the individual items for sale. i feel insane with excitement. i really want this job. i really want to leave my current job. i really don't want to be without a job. this is such a good job. i need this job!

i need to remember to ask: what are the hours (from when to when)?

seth's car will be totally paid off by the end of this year and then we can think about finding a place together, which is so thrilling and beautiful!!!

i am traveling at the end of february and UGH this week i had both my rent and loan money withdrawn from my account. next weekend my mother is buying my groceries. i have to get my shit together. last weekend i really splashed out, buying a blanket and everything. i don't spend money during the week, so that's comforting - even if i don't have money, i don't particularly need it for anything. train ticket is $166 and registration is $200-odd. blugh. next paycheck, all that needs to come out is my utility payment, which is nothing. so then i'll do the registration. i'm only doing this because my friend got a free room courtesy of a miracle.

when i am at this massive event i'm going to go to the best coffee shop in the world, i'm going to hang out with my friends, and i will RESIST! SPENDING! MONEY! BEYOND! MY! BUDGET!!! even though of all the times it would be GOOD for the economy i want to sustain to toss $$$ around like a fiend, i can't do it.

please please pleeease let me get this job!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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