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8:43 p.m. x 2002-10-13

serious entry of the day!

*ahem* serious? err...close enough...

mmm, school is improving slightly. i just hate that there's that ominous fact that everything'll go 180 second semester...but fuck that...i won't let it...I AM MY OWN GOD...I AM IN CONTROL OF MY OWN UNIVERSE...


...i love that...

anyhoo...we got to pic our own groups in basic foods. so now i'm with, erm, her name escapes me...a very pretty latina girl, then shannon (karen carpenter's ghost) and marissa (brittany and rachel's friend, she's cool). we're the group most likely to get separated and scared of one another by the week's end. i'll miss anndra, she was cool and let me help cook.

i won't ever touch the food we make again!!! oh well...guess i can't be held responsible then if it sucks ^-^ maha...YOU IIIIIIIIIDIOTS!!!

geometry was interesting...i had to count stuff (...it IS math). but i didn't. i sang myself *jolene* and talked to jaypea about knives and to tweak about spazzing.

because if you have to talk about spazzing - you talk to tweak.

FROLIC FREELY!!! *lol*...she's my new girl. she sits behind me in french too, and jason's in there as well as english...the only class i feel sub-lonely in is graphic arts, which is tomorrow. blah. i'll catch up on *the end of alice*...maybe finish *naked lunch*...

bah...jason wasn't here today and jaypea had a boo-boo on his arm from work...upsetted-ness...ah and while we're on the topic of the "men" in my life (they're really all different guises and identities of cher, you see)...dustin's shaved his head, which will make my drawings of him just that much more lifelike ^-^. he looked bald to me anyway...no you can feel it...*rubs the fuzz*.

oh how my poor little eyes hurt...i've spent half my day FIXING THIS FRIGGIN THING and looking up random oddities on the holemusic.com message board.

ah yes...and chatting with my happy little dahling john paul...the nuns did it i tell you THE NUNS...

see, how's that for serious? i think i'm killing nico...which is unfair and cruel seeing as how she's dead already.

perfect fit for my diary: a woman who died by her own, self-created drama.

and heroin. lest we forget the heroin? that's how you know she was a celebrity as opposed to someone like me, whereas if i died right now due to self-created drama, there's no heroin. hence i am not famous...

...YET. but still, no heroin. no more kurt cobain mentalities, musicians! MAH!

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