"where does the action take place?"

5:28 p.m. x 2003-04-02

arrrrrrrrrrrgh. it needs to hurry up and be saturday NOW. my week is sucking tremendously.

MANDA WAS ABSENT...this morning my bio teacher recounted a dream she had about attacking a student (told you our staff was happy), i slept entirely through second block, and...*shudders* lunch didn't exactly brighten my day any. in fact i'm still pissed off about it. but third block kicked ass...jaypea and alex are the best people in the world! they cheered me up tottally, singing about winnie the pooh and talking about "the opium haze!" (speech class in-joke about the poet coleridge). alex provided the intelligent, clear responces to my issues and jaypea made priceless faces. le sigh...*big hugs for those two!!!*

fourth block was something new: class action, or as tiffany knows it, class action. part of that class had me tearing out of the room...but rest assured that i'm alright ^-^ and on saturday i'm a-shopping with tiff, ashley, yet-another-amanda, et al and then departing to chez tiffany for an evening of uninhibited retardidity!

...holy shit...

okay, this day has been too weird. *over*.

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