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2:18 p.m. x 2003-08-25

if there was anything i would've loved even more than luggage this year - it would've been to go back to school looking as va va voom as i know i'm capable of. instead i was crippled. who, then, got my wish of the inherently impossible summer-180-makeover?


the girl looks fucking amazing. she always had the capabilities of it, but growing up in a church sometimes dwarfs the human capabilities for good-look-ed-ness. damn her. it may have taken her five years but she finally did it.

*pouts* merr - i shouldn't be sad. my shoes are adorable. yay, shoes! and school wasn't terrible. i had this forboding of an impending implosion all day (it's far too early for that), and i accomplished something within the first four minutes of walking within the building (a lingering suspicion, we'll call it). and i have a bunch of classes with manda! who knew.

lunch today was with tweak and clare and amanda b. and a very frightened sophmore who didn't understand. overall i was surprised by the pleasantness of it all - even creepy english teacher woman who i thought hated me. she seemed to have eased up over the summer. i believe i just got more tense @_@;;;. one conclusion has been drawn, though - my math teacher is off her hinges. insane. cukoo. off her stick. she makes me ever so slightly nervous to be around, and she's tiny! what's with all the tiny scary rabid teachers employed here?! i have a feeling its some sort of disease specific to the area...

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