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6:46 p.m. x 2003-10-01

today's recurring theme of conversation was: obsession.

today we heard from both those who've been obsessed over and those obsessed with others. it was like a very fractured, candid episode of "jerry springer" gone awry. much of this came from the fact that one of my friends is a little bit into (at times a tad bit too into) another one of my friends. i've known one for a long time, i'm closer to the other - but both spring to mind just as quick when i think of my friends. it's rather sad, actually - i have no advice or opinion on their situation. their feelings for each other differ, but really - i only hope they find a safe resolution, because they're both incredibly cool (i know many would argue with me on the one but when you line this individual up against the other men in our township...i think you understand. i hope you understand).

awe, she just wrote an entry on it, too! my doll, you are not a bitch, nor were you ever a stupid clingy girl. you were always tweak and we always loved you <3. i'll say it until everybody agrees - josh needs a good sturdy welsh manservant to build him farms and make him lemonade. this would greatly improve his mood.

myssi promises everything will work out in the end. for them anyway. as for me - that is another entry entirely...

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