"i love you, turtleface"

3:35 p.m. x 2003-10-07

correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't omnipotent pronounced "ahm-neh-peh-tent" and not "oohm-nee-poh-tant"? this is apparently how the chorus says it. this is run by the same laddy who in seventh grade strove to get them to sing a country song with appalachian colloquialism, accent and all. and with this, a very well-dressed, nervously excited group of children were scarred considerably for existence at a concert. all thanks to mr. rodent and "oohm-nee-poh-tant". i hated chorus.

BUT!!! i'm in mad passionate love with my position in the art club. i love being the secretary, i love knowing everything that's going on with all the different commitees, i love being up on and involved in things, i love staying late and working on posters and the bulletin board (which no longer looks like poop, at last @_@!!!), i love the officers meetings, i love the sense of control and intimacy i have with the art department's various affairs. i'm going to get to miss classes next semester preparing for the art show and hopefully the film festival. i'm going to get a DISPLAY in the art show AT LAST - i wanted one sooooo badly since i was in seventh grade. and i thought i'd have to wait till i was a senior but i DON'T i get one this year and it will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

and of all people, my mother gave me a few terribly good ideas. this is a very good thing - with all this going on, i barely have time to rue over the sad state of my grades (english is on a steady rise, as math is on a sleek and fast decline). i'm arguing about the state of medical attention given to those with eating disorders for my paper. tres excited, i am, *does a dance*.

and once this is DONE...COLLEGE!!! i've been intensely, insanely eager to go to college since i figured out what you do there. i'm a bit iffy now about taking a year off, but that depends on the state of my health i suppose. MER i must hurry and graduate.

and EW this entire entry was about school! uuugh...

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