i got a deal in tokyo. i got a rep in paris. i got an agent in rome. shit, i got a gallery in new york.

5:27 p.m. x 2004-05-30

vice's article on why new york sucks kind of makes me want to move their even more. i enjoy the prospect of picking up "the onion" wherever i turn.

i think i get a cold every year before summer seriously starts. i think. a long time ago somebody told me one catches a cold due to quick changes in temperature, and i'm thinking this is very correct, because it seems here everything goes from frozen to fried inside a week.

le GHASP! i've started a trend.

let me tell you something, internet: louis vuitton had the right idea going with the murakami bag, because you can lock it shut. if you can lock those 4$ disney diaries shut, why can't i lock my 35$ purse shut? why must i pay 300+$ to lock my purse? it seems like a really smart thing to do, a worthy investment.


you know, fights are kind of fun to watch. especially when they're one-sided and with bethany. i'm sorry but this is like professional wrestling. the only thing that would be better would be if everyone would get into tights and beat each other senseless in a carbon-testing lab. i'd grab a "#1!" finger and shave my head and scream. it would be the coolest thing.

i love material things. i hate having to listen to things i don't agree with. i think i'm the smartest being alive. i hate school. i think bad thoughts every time the oppertunity presents itself. i love me.

i'm going to go put clothes on and hang out with katy. you're jealous.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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