10:52 p.m. x 2004-08-07

i don't know what i weighed to begin with so i have a really tough time now of knowing whether or not i've lost a significant amount - or if i haven't...but there've been other alterations.

like i dreamed three nights in a row, which never happens. AND their subject matter...to quote courtney love on the very topic: "luuuurrrrrrgh".


i'm seven episodes through season four of "queer as folk". it's a miracle i've pried myself away. it's such a nice feeling to chant at the tv screen - "no! no! justin don't shoot him you'll be arrested!!", "NOOOOO! UNCLE VIC IS DEAD NOOOOOO!", and of course the resounding "yeah baby YEAH-YUH" whenever there was sex. which, while it is a small part of why i watch the show, it's a part - DEFINITELY a part - nonetheless. it's like when you get ice cream and there's a cherry. ice cream is awesome by itself, but a cherry too?

holy hell. i miss everyone - everyone, where are you? ah, there's a clare-letter. i ought to be writing her back. but i'm afraid a lot of it will be a rehash of what i've been yelling at the tv all day.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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