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2:22 a.m. x 2004-08-13

so, i will be miraculously absent tomorrow, as out of nowhere i'm apparently being toted across state lines for a short while that will still find a way to disrupt my plans.

(this means i'm not availible to be in the vacinity on saturday, which is okay, really, when you think about it - i'm not terribly fun to be around.)

i'm not at my house now but i hope my brother is there with the souvenier he promised me (a tiny eiffel tower, specifically). and tomorrow, as i depart, my computer comes home. greaaat. I NEED TO FINISH MY WRITING.

i miss it. it's all i've done all summer. i worked my ass off, ran around all over the place for something that didn't work out and have, in the midst of this, accomplished something VERY important to me, and i NEED TO COMPLETE IT!


and why yes, my therapy has been moved to biweekly again. just go back to watching "eurotrip" and forget about this. arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

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