once upon a KKK, just a dream from yesterday...

11:01 p.m. x 2004-10-01

last year, a very confusing and beautiful thing happened to all of us - SAM TURNED 16, and we were happy. this year, she turned 17, and the time had was infinitely as awesome as before. specifically that last year paul & i were on a nice same level, and it happened again. when we can connect it's always cool. AND!!! - i gave kara two volumes of whoa, primarily imogen heap & liz phair.

everything was a big blurry bass line with the striking exception of everyone screaming "regenbogen!" and tweak's incredible comment on hand-jobs and why or why not they should be administered in order for one to secure crack. the pineapple soda was there, and paul & i reenacted the moment we met and became the paul & kari everyone knows today...tweak now has more than just abs of steel (huho!), asthmatic discharges abound of course. i think clare was kissing boys again, oooo.

but there was no game of "MURDER!", but that's okay. i think it would be very cool and ironic to play "MURDER!" at anti-homecoming.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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