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8:42 p.m. x 2004-10-17

xmas-scouting brings such things as: pixies tee! heart jewelry! tool and mirah albums! taxi driver poster! all to be aquired within the month. this year i have to be really descriminatory about my gift choices because i'm getting more enormously expensive LUGGAGE! last year i got this and this year it is this.

i know i want a mirah cd, but i haven't chosen between "advisor committee" and "you think it's like this..." yet. "fairy tales of slavery" by suspiria, "new day rising" by hüsker dü, "aenima" by tool, something by the shins, i have to ask ryan which one, the franz ferdinand cd, "amusia" by katastrophy wife...i think that's it for cds. for books, i think i'm getting gypsy rose lee's memoir, sin in soft focus by mark vieira, vamp: the rise & fall of theda bara, clara bow: runnin' wild, voluptuous panic: the erotic world of weimar berlin by mel gordon, bombshelles by steve sullivan, vice's dos & dont's book, readings in deviant behavior, the satanic metal underground book, supervert's extraterrestrial sex fetish, something on vienna actionists...ANIMAL RIGHTS & PORNOGRAPHY, which looks so awesome...cady noland book, okay, i need to do some widdling down. and then "giulietta degli spiriti", "m", "spirits of the dead"..."kaspar hauser" and "videodrome"...yes...

...i think that's fine. as for right now, i'm good with my "personal jesus" 78, which works great on my record player despite lacking a 78 setting (*phew*). the only thing i listened to for like a solid month was "come here boy" being so numbed by enamourment that i couldn't enjoy music. the pixies and hole broke me out of it yesterday so i can once more enjoy senor m's band. VIIIVE LE WARNER.

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