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5:00 p.m. x 2005-02-14


SAILOR MOON SEASON 1 DVD SET: much niftier version than availible at coconut's. entirely japanese, but that doesn't bother me at all. i'm blitheringly happy. i had FORGOTTEN THE GODDAMN PLOT of the entire first season, anyhow...because i've had the manga so long and the manga is like, plot point! plot point!, the series is more drawn out. i didn't even remember the rainbow crystals! *nostalgic pangs of whoa*


CLARE!: AND THE ROSE! CLARE GOT ME A ROSE!!!!! HOW IMPOSSIBLY COOL! THAT'S THE ONLY ROSE I'VE EVER GOTTEN! SO HOTT!!! i drew clare a card with the crazy omnipresent "azumanga daioh" cat on it. it's a placeholder until i make her a real, manly card for her and everyone else.

i'm sitting here writing this with the dvd set propped up next to me, and i can't stop staring at it. i've never owned sailor moon the tv series in much of a way ever...i had a very crazy copy of the first three episodes and that's it. i have the three movies in japanese, i have all the manga, i HAD the materials collection art book BUT IT'S FUCKING INVISIBLE (whereabouts: unknown), and i have the (oh boy) ROLE PLAYING GAME BOOK. it's important to me that others know i've never role-played in any way shape or form, but it's one of the most informative books on the series (a very spitefull so there directed primarily at myself).

the show USED to be on cartoon network, as many as THREE TIMES A DAY at one point. so there was never any REASON for me to own the series, and it wasn't AVAILIBLE at the time. or i probably would own the whole thing by now. since it's gone off the air i've been scheming to buy it up, and now it's also GOING OUT OF FUCKING PRINT.

hell's bells!

i'd like to imagine i'm the kind of focused individual who can devote all of her time and resources into collecting the next three seasons of her very favorite television show ever. i aspire to be this girl.

a fun end note: this set is the definition of ghetto fabulous. it has no menu, the audio is EXACTLY as it was when it was on cartoon network back in the distant realm of mid-90's-dom, and likewise for the picture. in short, it's exactly like owning the vhs. except a great deal handier.


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