chances are she'll grow out of it. if not...well, medical science is progressing in leaps and bounds.

9:26 p.m. x 2005-03-19

last night, catie and i went out to see "the ring two", and we sat in front of these gentlemen who'd smuggled in alcohol and were heckling the movie very smartly. i enjoyed their company. catie was able to call out every frame right before it happened, and all the girls sitting around us were too petrified to feel spoiled for it. then we ate an appetizer sampler and laughed for a really long time about something...i can't think of it now.

today i did some easter shopping and found the other greatest book of all time that isn't thou shalt not be aware, too scared to cry, which looked kind of mer but then i started reading it and it wound up being amazing. for easter i'm getting an analytical book on criminal profiling, kafka's the trial, the death metal book, the "silence of the lambs" soundtrack at last, volumes 2-4 of AZUMANGA DAIOH! manga, fritz lang's pimping "M"!, a BFI film guide to "psycho", the twilight zone companion, bjork's greatest hits, another alice miller book and "heavenly creatures", the greatest film ever.

today i went out with kara for lunch and we gawked at easter baskets together, later sharing our thoughts about freshman boys and the spanish language while i fondled my (discounted! at last!) copy of KILL BILL. heckyes!

welcome back, diaryland. *hugs*.

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