she's been drowning and i drink her loss

5:55 p.m. x 2005-05-25

my day was so half & half. one definite awesome hilight was that manda & i had a discussion about music. i jabbered about bands that i recommend to her: mazzy star, the decemberists and neutral milk hotel, and drooled all over her sculpture about "mein herz brennt" by rammstein, and she gushed about pray for the soul of betty. i almost tore her shirt off. we had a lot of fun.

*tense, dramatic pause*

i'm so excited and ready to move on. i might change my plans entirely and never talk about my future again. i might not tell anybody where i'm going and you'll hear from me in years and i'll be in a cave in tibet with secrets. or i was simply raised with a much better sense of what comes out of my mouth than others.

no they'll never catch me now
no they will not catch me... they CANNOT catch me now
we will escape somehow

the decemberist's, "the bagman's gambit"

what a noxious place i live in. everything lately has been harping, gross and negative. today amber had everybody at lunch participate in compiling a list of bad traits a person could possess. it's all cabin fever, it's "the shining", it's being locked alongside people like that. that's why every time i meet somebody from cumberland valley, they have such good karma. they aren't strangled into some noxious corner. a "village".

i'm excited to go away. i don't care what the FUCK anybody else has to say about it. they should get fine and ready to mind their own business.

i'm ready. i'm ready!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
KL 02-11