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6:23 p.m. x 2005-09-30

i'm very much on a restrictive diet right now. it's going good. it goes a lot better when i'm busy. today after i got home from school i threw on a nice bra, a slip & stockings and ran around my room cleaning to "sexplosion!" and it felt great. i wrote a bunch of lyrics at school and made a graphic for kara's band. i'm feeling really motivated. i'm trying not to get discouraged. but...discouraged? wait a minute - how could i be discouraged?!?!!!

THE MOST WONDERFUL THING HAPPENED TODAY! i saw my coworker at school, and we talked. and that...that was sooo cooool. and jonpaul is fun to hang out with in the morning, and i love driving in with alex, and i love driving home with paul, and...agh! THE GENITORTURERS ARE PLAYING NEAR MY SCHOOL! AAAAGH!


my dad still isn't good but he's improved over the other day. my face isn't exactly exploding again as much as i think i'm constructed like a lost wax sculpture and i'm now secreting out of my encasing...i shudder...

{...yesterday was your birthday...}

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