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11:32 p.m. x 2005-10-05

on the way home my friend paul m and i briefly skimmed the topic of how closely-knit our high school community was, which was relevant to and made me think about things as they currently are: in high school everybody knew me and i didn't really have to worry about people not being aware of me & my me-ness. it is just settling very definitely that i am an anonymous patch of dark fabric adrift in a sea of kakhi.

i think that's pretty neat.

i wore three inch heels today and felt pretty good about everything. everything except for that whole thing were i can't eat, that pretty much blows. today i consumed a muffin-top, a snack-sized can of diced pear, a mini-rice-cake and two stuffed shells. breakfast, lunch & dinner right there. this mutant tongue ulcer is really taking care of business.

i am going to have an exciting, exciting saturday and i don't work the following day so i'm going to have a great, legitimately adult time out (look at her setting a goal like that, inn't cute). like the diner.

i took clare on a diner-date with my coworkers justin and mercedes and it positively kicked my ass back to 'nam. our mutual discourse (about sex) could be heard clear across the damn diner. we got home at 12:30. HOLLA.

things are really good, even the tongue ulcer serves a beneficial purpose. and linda carroll wrote a tell-all about her life & courtney love that i am way too excited about.

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