there. hard part's over. now, let's get these other piggies wiggling.

1:30 a.m. x 2005-10-11

this was sort of draining-slash-fun: well, the concert i went to on saturday night was awesome. it was 3 bands for 3$ and each band was progressively better than the last, the final one being sky 6 who were awesome despite suspicious little technical discrepencies. then i hung out with clare and we watched "kill bill" and chatted, which was sweet. i was very happy, even though i started frustrating myself all over again with stuff. i just have to say what i'm thinking and i'll be fine, but it never occurs to me until hours later.

but work ran by so fast it didn't have a chance to suck! and then after that jimmy & i hung out, which always kicks ass. i don't have school again till wednesday, when i will see if paul m works. we're supposed to go to lunch together one day when we're both not working, and it'd just be cool if it was wednesday because it's sitting right there.

i bought let them eat cheesecake: the art of olivia tonight and i'm really moved to draw again. i'm all ready painting for xmas gifts.

all i ate today was a sub and a brownie. a sub in the morning, and a brownie just now.

i spent the entire weekend imitating this kid's speech impediment. in fact, i can't stop.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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