queen of the eyesores

2:58 a.m. x 2006-01-22

he wouldn't come to dinner. we called millions upon millions of times (the autre couple jimmy&heatha and i) and he wouldn't answer jimmy calling his cell phone and i calling his home phone simultaneously. so we smoothed our edges off, said a tearful goodbye to heatha, and jimmy commenced to drive me to a "get-your-act-together" intervention for him. i called ahead, got him. he was receptive. picked him up, now - accumulated kurt (look back in ye olde entriese and find mentions of guitar class, it's the same kurt) and amber w. whom i haven't seen in FOREVER and, believe me, LOVE - but that was not the time. coconuts trip, extreme vindication from jimmy, and seven deftly executed guitar solos later, we were watching my newly purchased extended & unrated "SIN CITY", all of us. then just jimmy, he & i. until, like, now. when my mom noticed they were boys and pitched a fucking fit. before that, though, they both put on my eyeliner and BOY were they excited.

BUT! i had fun. i'd say i'd won, but the battle isn't finished. i, however, predict a victory.


addendum (the following morning): no, he doesn't. it was wedged between cushions.

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