i thought i could organize freedom; how scandinavian of me

10:17 p.m. x 2006-01-26

new heating system doesn't actually heat yet. last night he said he wanted me. he wanted me there. he missed me. i miss him and now wish he'd hop by and sleep with me. cause i miss him and cause i'm fucking FREEZING.

and he's the nicest thing, dland. wouldn't be around him if he wasn't. never had a happier head until it discovered his lap. think the fucking world of him.

he doesn't have a bed in his bedroom, just a couch. he was very sick and i didn't catch it (jimmy did, a fact at which i smirk and playfully raise an eyebrow - i kissed him! what'd you do to him?!). when he's romantic he is perfect at it. we both shake.

her mother's daughter didn't suck, but if you're going to plug courtney love's name into the subtitle, work her in a tad more beyond a glorified "hated the sheep farm; disturbed". interesting! worth the read. but very flimsy alongside freakonomics, which alex loaned me to read simultaneously. my young man has a "poor black" name.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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