cause i adore you i adore you i adore you

10:53 p.m. x 2006-02-05

everything seems to spiral totally out of wack for my friends when i am at my most utterly useless. i'm still there for them, i stand by them. mindless puddle of lust though i may be.

my boyfriend is fucking incredible. romantic, well-timed, adorable, open, sweet, TALENTED as allgetout...i love it!!! I ADORE BEING HIS GIRLFRIEND. i wouldn't want to be anybody else's. i'm outrageously, agonizingly FORTUNATE. i hope his mother doesn't think down of me that she sort of encountered a compromising position...{totally his fault, too, thanks man}.

i adore him. he is fucking AMAZING.


radiant radiant radiant. jimmy is upset, clare's distraught, aliya is in no good earthly place. i have to help them. i have to use this to make me solid for them. i love them just as much.

every fiber of my being shakes...{kara may go to prom with an armenian from penn state - how incredibly irreverantly fantastic would that be?!}

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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