8:04 p.m. x 2006-03-23

so i'm making friends at school, in a manner very typical of me...i sit in a single spot and pique the curiosities of others...i am social, believe me, i am not uninterested in other people and i am SO OVERWHELMINGLY HAPPY to be meeting people. i am i am i am. and the people i'm meeting are wonderful.

i guess it's that thing that i'm not on the greatest of terms with. me and other people. i do really think that i'm a perfectly nice person, that i'm a good conversationalist and i'm considerate and i'm not really very bad. i may come of as beset by a pathological badness but i'd swear to you, ninety-seven percent of the time...this is to keep me amused...

really i don't think there's much about me to dislike, and i have a high opinion of myself. i'm just uncertain, sometimes...all the fucking time...that anybody else is quite capable of agreeing. and their loss, perhaps - indeed! - but it results in me back at the beginning: sitting and writing. alone.

i'm excited at the prospect of someone as excited to see me as i am them...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
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