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2:18 p.m. x 2006-03-30

i was informed today that i'm to look foreword to another tuesday-abduction. so i've got that going for me. i think my metabolism really has taken off because i saw myself in a mirror at school and thought damn. a good damn for my body and a bad damn for my face. i need acne-wash all of the sudden, eugh.

today i ought to go by sunglasses. if i am able, that's what's going down. preferably from the same place i bought my beautiful, beautiful, perfect umbrella. if this umbrella were a boy he'd be one dapper little motherfucker. i can't take it.

there. i just got up and played with it, twirled around my room with it. it has that crazy magnetism i cannot resist. do you know what i need to do before i buy sunglasses? i need to go make something. i have a hellish torrent of having-done-nothing-since-senior-art-show and it's unblocked and needs busting out.

that, then sunglasses.

edit: no sunglasses (though i did look), but jimmy got a job!!!

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