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1:39 p.m. x 2006-04-06

there's an awesome guy at school named dan. he has a girlfriend (and she's fucking gorgeous) and he and i have hung out the past few days at school. he's been a great source of advice and understanding. so, thank you dan from school. we talked about virginity today. "i used to hang out at planned parenthood a lot...i, um, used to be a very different person". he is a great deal like most of my friends. that's so refreshing.

ryan and i bonded over stress-acne this morning, but duff defeats us both by having developed a stress-ulcer in his throat. i'm walking with kara today, even though the weather isn't bright & bubbly. i have to move around and i have to see her. amanda d told me more of her prom plans, and i'm very very excited for she and duff. i'm so happy he's taking her, because she deserves some friendly codgling right now.

...as do i. what's up with you and i being in the exact same boat with everything. the way you talk about it tears my heart out because we're just saying the same sentiments back and forth. good luck to you with your problem, because i think it's a lot more optimistic. i think you just need to give one another a good smack and talk all night. and maybe smack each other again.

i'm not doing anything. i'm tired. dan was telling me that i should be taking more action than ever, though not in terms of this. for the sake of my own happiness. strangers are always so blithe.

why is it that nothing quells my sense of reckless abandon??? i'm perpetually adventuring into the interpersonal unknown, only to be beaten, seared and robbed of my better qualities. i tell you: it's fucking interesting.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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