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9:32 p.m. x 2006-04-16

a) "audition": WHAT THE FUCK?! i LOVED this movie. blunt social commentary. let's not be clever about the role of the stereotypically over-compliant japanese female, just let her go crazy. hand her a piano wire. make my easter bright.
b) my chemical romance: i really skillfully bypassed a lame adolescence in terms of the music i listened to. i take delight in being retroactively lame, as i no longer give a shit about how i come across. i'm well-versed in cool. i can do cool without thinking about it too much. gerard way is excessively my type, and i don't think much farther than that in terms of the band. and the fact that i reluctantly admit...they were there for me in a time of need. lame, lame, gloriously lame! and i love it.
c) "the tin drum": it's about time. really. i haven't gotten to watch it yet. i hope tweak reads the book someday, because i think she'll like it. i don't know why, i always think of her when i think of "the tin drum". i could think of pedophilia and nazis, and it would make so much more sense considering the subject matter and considering me, but i think of tweak. because i think she'd really like it.
d) i ran today. after dark, because i'm still not too comfortable with doing so in broad daylight, but i ran nonetheless. i was walking, with kara, but afterwards i told her i had to go home, instead of calling my mom, i ran. and it felt really great. it used to hurt really bad to run, breathing-wise. it doesn't now, and i can run and i really enjoy it. i NEVER enjoyed it, i ALWAYS hated it and now that i don't i'm STUNNED and OVERJOYED. i haven't really exerted myself like that since two summers ago. i hated becoming so into exercise and can't say i'd like to do that again, but i would definitely not be opposed to running more often. even during the day. i don't really care anymore. i love it.
e) the cruel uneventful state of apathy releases me/i value them, but i won't cry if the time was wiped out - the shins, "saint simon". i really like those lyrics.
f) i love my aunt .

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