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5:35 p.m. x 2006-07-23

to preface, i have the most intense headache. anyhow - the translucent one (jimmy) picked me up at ten to go to the park with he and his family, which i was so excited about...we rode down and when we got there went straight to the first roller coaster, which i was hella giddy about. the wait was long but i was really happy to get to spend some time with and talk to jimmy, in light of...everything...and that was really fun. we did a little more of such things before he told me he had to lie down. he asked me if i wanted to go off with his family, but, as much as i like them, they weren't the reason i wanted to be i went with him to the infirmary. we were there for a long time, and then i was "dismissed" because they really didn't want me to be there...i came outside right as his family came over and they flipped out. i was really nervous...jimmy, his dad and i went in an ambulance off the premesis and then jimmy's dad drove us home.

i feel sort of hellish because the paid for my ticket, and i spent most of the time rubbing jimmy's forehead in the infirmary...he said that he and i will go by ourselves, then...i'm a little upset. not because i had to leave the park, at all...i got to ride roller coasters and jimmy bought me dip 'n' dots, hehe, that's what i wanted...i did have a really awesome time. i just wanted to spend time with and talk to jimmy, since i'm still working things out with myself. i will, just...another day.

and he found my lolerskates pin ^-^. thank you, jimmy...i hope you feel better...

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