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6:09 p.m. x 2006-10-09

lethargically enjoyed "the silence", "eraserhead" and part of "haxan". vaccuumed but could not figure out what i was supposed to dust with. so the "hi!" carved in the dust on my tv by alyssia remains. argh.

florida's looking up, according to ernesto. he was getting pretty depressed. jimmy dropped in to borrow my bass and we mapped out a movie-watching session. alannah reported a recovery from last night (last night was insane, but amanda visited her). ken sent me THIS which is splendor. utter splendor. total splendor.

i realized last night as i was talking to lexi that i have to turn my throng onto "twin peaks". she and i were talking and i mentioned my strong desire for coffee, and she suggested i get some apple pie to accompany it, at which time i realized that lexi and twin peaks were made for each other.

i've developed a very ambivalent relationship with fergie's "london bridge". it's duking it out with the new evanscence album for the attention of my ears. alannah's sent me the evanescence album...and CELTIC WOMAN...awe heavens.

i am made of steel.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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